I said to myself, Start A BLOG!!

    Yeah Right!! What the hell was I thinking? And yes I swear, cuss, use expletives. If that offends you, OOPS! 

   Creating a website and keeping up with a Blog is like having a baby, uncomfortable, painful but in the end very rewarding. Just kidding, it’s hard. But, so is life, having a family and getting older. Keep that shit real. Some days I feel like I have no idea what I am doing, and I will share that stuff too!! If having no idea what you are doing or maybe information overload…so many “start a blog” posts, deal and financial posts, awareness, lifestyle, recipes – OVERLOAD!! Well, this is the place for you. I am going to try and put some of that information into perspective, you know, the Essential stuff :P, while having some fun along the way.

I really thought I could this. I can and I will. My 18 year old said she believes in me, that’s enough for me to make this work. Sharing the information I have found, deals, financial information, how to stuff, and YES  blogging tips, not mine, but the ones I have found incredibly useful, ok and maybe some of mine 🙂 I want you – to be able to say – yeah that was good information!

SageStar is me

Working on a better picture. 🙂

Now that all that information is out of the way….

Hi! My name is Andrea. I am an eclectic weirdo. Mother to 4 adult children. I work full time in IT (yes, I might share some computer tips too!) I play World of Warcraft and Diablo on a regular basis, binge watch Game of Thrones, as well as Flash, Arrow, Gotham, Once Upon a Time and Lucifer, love to take pictures, wear my Captain America sweatshirt a lot, stand in a line to watch the most recent Star Wars flick and have animals that are all named after X-Men characters. I use essential Oils and herbs, love candles and still dress up for Halloween. Yes, definitely nerdy/geeky/cool!

Starting a declutter, clean and purge phase, my first post is here!

So much Social Media so little time!

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Working on Resources, (one page at a time) PLUS  feel free to

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Since the Internet does not have enough Cats:   This is Gambit our newest kitty!





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