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Life Happens to Everyone, What if Life Happens?


Yes, Life happens!

What if Life Happens?

  I wrote this Life Happens post as part of a blogging membership challenge three weeks ago. And you know what – Life Happened to the founder of the group. Right now the membership group is on hold, however, I still learned a lot and am grateful that I was part of the group! So, even though the membership part is not going forward, you can still check out some great info at Next Level Blogging.

Also, July has been a bit Life Happens too – but we do the best we can and move forward!


In my case, for the month of June, it has been, sad, exciting, confusing, chaotic and sometimes happy!

I have been MIA in June.  Great intentions over Memorial Day weekend, yes I had those! I started a coupon and deals page. Plans to work on some Dad’s and Grad’s Gift guides were made. Write a post a week; continue my What If series….

Then life happens.

In February I had put in a transfer request for a new Post of Duty. Heading back to Georgia had been the plan since 2012; it just didn’t work out that way. In 2014 I took a new job (with the same Agency) in Austin, Texas. We packed up a 28-foot trailer, yes I know we have way too much stuff, and in 2 weeks found a place to rent, packed, drove and relocated. Now, however, the transfer to Atlanta appeared to be becoming a reality.

Now, I knew the transfer would become a reality. In the last several months we have sold stuff, sorted things for donations and done some basic cleanup, all of this being done, in a haphazard kinda way. No time frame in mind, I just knew it had to be done. Plus, I already knew there was too much stuff. The clutter and unpacked boxes, the mess of too much stuff, the idea already planted to minimize.

On June 6th I was told they had a “seat” for me to claim, on June 8th I was told all paperwork completed, and the transfer was a go. Also on that Thursday, I was advised they wanted a date for me to move. That was a “what the hell” moment, no, actually it was “WTF!” Almost 6 months for you to approve and you want a date by Tuesday, the next day I was asked for a date by Monday.

Really? No REALLY? I have a house to sell, kids to discuss with and….

As a family we discussed, I checked the pay periods, much easier to do the transfer if at the beginning of a new one. We chose a date. Checked local recommendations for Realtor’s, and made the call. Planned a meeting, did basic house cleaning, and by the next Thursday, June 15th we had a plan. That brings us to last week. June 18th through the 23rd was crazy. There were carpet cleaning, window and pressure washing, a house cleaner, several loads to Goodwill, yard mowing and freshening up, and last but not least some stuff hauled away by a neighbor. Who, by the way, was a really nice guy and did the freezer, junk, and trash hauling for free. The highlight of my week! I also continued my regular work schedule and scheduled everything around it.

In this same timeframe, my youngest became unemployed. The franchise she worked for closed all their restaurants in the area. She went to work on Saturday, meeting at 3:00 pm and doors shut at that same time. Added stress and worry for all of us, she has a car payment, insurance etc. She is super responsible, didn’t want to add stress for me, but you know shit happens and we get through it.

And then…

June is also the anniversary month of my husband’s death. Why do I add that? I felt the date creeping up on me from the first week of the month. The anniversary is in this next week. The entire month has been upheaval, and with the added reminder…. This year is 5 years, it feels like a milestone. I don’t always deal with the date in the best way.

With everything going forward at a super-fast pace I also missed the start of a blogging membership group that I was really looking forward to. I was ready to take that next step, get the website up to date and the posts completed! While I am catching up on that now, I still feel a step behind.

So yes, shit happens, life happens. It still moves forward, we still make it through and we continue to work on getting our shit together. Adulting is overrated!

Yes, yes it is!

Now – what next? I am sure more life will happen.                            Life Happens

What’s the point of this post?

That Life really does happen. And we move on, so what’s the next step?

I want to settle into a niche. I have a few ideas, maybe something along the lines of Essential Shit when Life Happens. Ha maybe not – but I do know it will move forward, good and bad and crazy, some shit, some wtf moments and hopefully some laughter in between.

Also, changing my “brand” color theme, slowly but surely……

To share some information, get my ass back into actually writing and, just maybe to get some ideas for a more narrow niche?

I want to continue the “What if….” series, like this post “What If… I started a Blog?” I have a whole list of what if’s….

IT is what I do for my day job. So the nerdy/geeky part of me wants to share gaming tips, tech tips, and general computer tips.

Maybe I am trying to do too much?

I also really want to have tips on frugal living. Frugal doesn’t have to mean cheap, it means, at least to me, getting the most bang for your money. I hate paying full price and I love to shop, lol. Share some saving tips, and some finance as well. Things like being debt free, having a retirement plan, these are all important.

I want to share experiences and tips for parents of adult children. Sometimes, I think it is easier when they are little, you can just say “NO”, tell them when to go to bed and pretty much make most of their choices for them.

Minimalist living tips, being minimalist doesn’t mean you have no stuff. It means you just have stuff that matters. For sure there is no way I would do without my computer, TV, and phone. But, the baby pictures of me that I have been lugging around for 30 years – yeah, they are gone. Honestly, I feel better already, like a weight has been lifted.

In one of my duties at my day job, I was an instructor for new hires. It is the time I have enjoyed most while working. Sharing information, teaching the basics, seeing people use that information to do better – If the information I share helps even one person to take the next step, or get over a hurdle, maybe that is my passion.

As long as we keep moving forward, doing our best, then that can keep us going when Life Happens!

What is your best Life Happens, keep it moving anyway tip?  Meditation? Ice Cream? A nice hot bath? I usually go with Netflix and chill……

And – if you are a blogger – What was your wtf moment for deciding “this is my niche!”

Please share in the comments!

And please feel free to share this post!


Yes, I know it was kind of long – LOL!

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