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Hosting and Design

Hosting – Bluehost

I use Bluehost and so far everything has been great. When I first started researching Blog info and such, almost every Blog I read recommended Bluehost. Six months later and there are several other recommendations out there. I have had no issues with Bluehost, it is very user-friendly and affordable.

Design – My Theme Shop

Here you will find a variety of free and paid/membership themes and plugins. I use several of the plugins including WP Shortcode. Throughout the year there are sales and discounts offered, as well as updates and new stuff added. Super user-friendly and great support too!

Link to my theme shop afilliate


Creative and Visual Resources

I know there are a ton of places to pick up stock photos and find creative help for your blog or website. Of course, I have my favorites.  


For your photography needs, check out Amy over at Learn Blog Photography.

Amy has a super cool FREE Blogger’s ​5 Day Photo Challenge and great tips on her Blog for better photos, “no fancy camera needed”!


One of my favorite posts over at Learn Blog Photography:

Photography Tips for Bloggers


Need design help, information or inspiration? Yeah! me too! Then head over to Orana Creative

“The Orana Creative Blog is full of great resources about blogging, design, social media marketing and of course your Visual Strategy.”

I couldn’t write it any better than she did!


One of the recent posts over at Orana Creative:

How to perfect your Visual Strategy with images and graphics


Ivory Mix  

Every month I get an email with a sample of FREE (yes FREE) stock photos. There are color themes, style themes and a great mix of options. They add hundreds of new photos every single month, and most bundles are very affordable at just $10.00. Plus, Kayla at Ivory Mix has great resources for
creating beautiful social media feeds, you should seriously check out Ivory Mix

For a fun and sometimes goofy take on life, check out Gratisography – free high resolution pictures. I have used several of his photos and think they are totally cool. The laptop pic is one of my favorites, you can see it used throughout my blog. From the website: All pictures were photographed by Ryan McGuire and free of copyright restrictions. 


I also like  Creative Market. They have a ton of stuff available, fonts, graphics, photos…

Also, the have weekly FREE goods. The Minimal Social Media Market Kit is just one of the examples of a weekly free good offered.

They honestly have tons of stuff, reasonably priced, to help kickstart your creative mojo.


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