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WHAT IF…                             

            I started a Blog

Creative Resources for Your Blog or Website


It’s been three months since my first What If… I started a blog post, see the first What if I started a blog post here.

I did really well all through April and part of May with consistent posts, continuing the What If Series, general upkeep with blog, social media and regular life. (Working at getting back on track with this creative resources post!)

However, June was a killer month. With family distractions, news from work, and just real life in general, June was not productive for SageStar Essentials. I actually have a post on that, going to put that up later this week.

The first week of July has actually been a ton better, and it’s only the 5th. I received a very helpful blog assessment and personalized success plan from a group I joined. And, yeah I have a post for that shit too. See all the cool things you have to look forward too?One of the updates I did get done was the Resource page (Check out the page and let me know what you think).

Which gets us to the Creative Resources, YAY!     

This post, What If I started a Blog – Creative Resources, is going to focus on getting creative with visuals. The following are my two favorite resources for photography and visual design. Both offer help, and also offer a sense of belonging or community with their Facebook groups. Both women have blogs and businesses that help bloggers (and business people) to step up their game. One is centered on better photos and the other on creating great visuals. When combined, I have found numerous resources for making my photos look great, and then creating an effective visual to add to my blog.

what if I started a Blog?


check out Amy at Learn Blog Photography

Amy has a way cool FREE Blogger’s 5 Day Photo Challenge. In general, there are great tips on her blog, from lighting to great phone apps and everything in between. There is also a Learn Blog Photography Facebook Group.  The group has tips, shares tricks and is very supportive of all members. Plus, I love Amy’s page description. “The #1 Source For Bloggers & Biz Owners Who Want to Learn Photography + Photo Editing To Achieve Amazing Website Photos”. Other things you can find on her site are custom stock photos and gear recommendations.

Visualscreative resources

visit Orana Creative

A great place for ideas, design services and general cool info on branding and design. Orana has available, The Brand your Blog FREE eBook which is “the best accessory for your blog”. Rock your Visuals is Orana’s Facebook group where she shares articles and tips, on how to, you guessed it, Rock Your Visuals. Members can ask questions, get super helpful answers from Orana and other members, and again just overall are genuinely supportive of each other. Orana also has a great tag line on her page, “your greatest online resource for all your design needs”.



In case you couldn’t tell – I admire and appreciate both these ladies. I included them on my resource page but wanted to share more info about what they have to offer. I have learned a lot from both, and think you will too!

And BTW –just for some damn fun!  They did guest posts on each other’s blogs, check them out here:

Amy’s article on Orana Creative

Orana’s article on Learn Blog Photography

            Let me know in the comments when you check them out

                     and feel free to add your favorite resource for getting creative!

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